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Fur Products



We have been making fur products at our Glenorchy shop for 20 years. We have recently branched into other products, but still make and sell our most popular items at our Glenorchy shop. Possum fur is as popular as ever, as more and more people recognise the superior warmth and durability of the fur.

We have expanded our Glenorchy store to include other items. We also make laminated glass splashbacks and can digitally print on T shirts and other garments. For our new website go to www.madeinglenorchy.co.nz

Russian and Beanie hats are back in stock. Fully lined with possum fur, you won't find a warmer hat anywhere. They have either an oilskin or deer leather outer shell. Sized Small, Medium, and Large. Send us an email or order through our shop